Macintosh Mania:

Power Mac G4 @ 400 MHz
w/896 MB of Ram, DVD-RAM, , Zip, and System 10.1.5.

Yes, I am one of those crazed, fanatical, die-hard, believers that the Apple Macintosh operating system beats ANYTHING "microSOFTish" in nature. Professionally, I have been forced to use equipment that is equivelent to the effective DOSage of a placebo, though. I don't have one of the latest Macintosh machines, but now, if you just have to, you can run Windows on these new Intel-based versions.

The following are links that I like to visit on occassion to find resources, freeware, shareware, and commercial applications that might add to my Mac love life.


Cult of Macintosh - Macintosh information extravaganza!

Nova Development Corporation - This will cost you, but talk about TONS of useful clipart...

PhotoWorks.COM - Take your photos and put them on disk at reasonable prices. Great for adding to your Mac experience.

Ralph's Icon Bazaar - Another great source for icons and other images.

Clipart Connection - A good resource for clipart.

Freeware & Shareware

Ambrosia Software - You have to check this site out for excellent quality games at shareware priveleges and prices.

Applecare Service & Support - If you need updates to your Apple software, this is the place to go.

HyperArchive - This link is a great source for freeware and shareware.

Shareware Music Machine - Go here for music development and enjoyment shareware.

TUCOWS - THE source for HTML related freeware, shareware, and commercial demo software.

Commercial Software

Intuit -The source for Quicken software for home budgeting.

Adobe -The source for PageMaker, TouchBase Pro, & Datebook Pro.

Corel -The source for WordPerfect.

Symantec -The source for SAM Anti-virus software.

Broderbund - A source for a number of useful and affordable programs.


Mac|Life - MacAddict, Future US Inc.'s leading independent magazine devoted to today's passionate Mac users, becomes Mac|Life beginning with the February 2007 issue. The change is a result of the market's evolution from a niche community of Mac "addicts" to one that includes all Apple technology users.
Ziff-Davis' Home Page -Home to a number of e-zines.

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