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Welcome! This category includes a family photo album and links that we believe families (including pets) will enjoy. The photo album requires a password available only by request from family and friends. Thanks for your understanding.

Family Topics

American Kennel Club - AKC's home page, and probably the best source of online information on the many dog breeds. Following are direct links to a couple breeds:

K9Web - Another very useful site for reading up on dog breeds.

The Discovery Channel Online - Go to the home page of the Discovery Channel.

Disney Online - Go to the home page of Disney.

Dove Foundation - A non-profit organization encouraging the creation, production, and distribution of family entertainment. Provides a list of 1,400 "family friendly" movies and videos.

FamilyCorner.COM - Your online source for free family fun, crafts, recipes, and more.

Family Education Network - The most important connection your family can make for your child's future.

Kia Motor Company - Why in the world put a car manufacturer on a family home page? We bought a brand new Kia Sportage in December of '95. We LOVED it. Now, 225,000 miles later, we STILL LOVE IT! And we want EVERYONE to know about it! We also bought a 2003 Kia Sorento. It's been a very fine car for the money. It hasn't impressed us as much, but it has been mostly trouble free and is comfortable.

Name Search - Find out how many people in the U.S. share the same name.

National Public Radio - The online source for all of your favorite NPR programs.

iVillage Pregnancy & Parenting - With guides, articles and advice.

PhotoWorks.COM - An excellent mail film processing lab that offers pictures on disk. A great way to get photos onto the net. May seem a little more expensive at first, but shipping is paid on rolls you send in, and the price includes replacement rolls of film. It's actually been a very long time since our family has relied on the use of 35mm film. Nevertheless, I enjoyed the services of this particular film processor.

The Smithsonian Institution - Visit the National Museum of Natural History home page.

The Traditional Cat Association - A good source for cat related links.

Map Quest - If you are planning a family road trip, these folks will get you there!

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