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     Welcome to IrvinCentral.COM! The Irvin family would like to invite you to browse this site for the purposes of learning a little about us, renewing old acquaintances, or finding links to sites we find useful for families. I, Kelly, am a horticulturist running an internet business selling flower bulbs, and Leslie, she works for a large merchandising company.

     For many years we were a two computer operating system family. I used a Macintosh while Leslie used a clunky, bug ridden Windows XP. I'm happy to report that she has been convinced (or at least, pursuaded... manipulated?) to slide on up to OS X. While you are here, you can check out fun stuff for the family. And, finally, most important to us, we wish to share with you our faith; unintrusively, we hope. So, check out the links and meet the family, including our two children, Cally & Gabriel. Otherwise, thanks for stopping by and happy surfin' to ya!


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