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Are you an old friend or acquaintance! Let us know you passed through by signing our GUESTBOOK. Otherwise, please enjoy visiting the following links to homepages of friends and family:

Ambassador University Alumni - Darwin and I went to a church college at the same time. Several years after graduation, he took it upon himself to create a site for alumni to keep in touch. Are you an alumnus? You need to visit this place for sure. It's just a way to let folks know you are still around and gives them a private way to get in touch with you. This person has done a great service in this effort, and it is much appreciated.

Life Imprints by Kim - This especially talented photographer makes a home with her husband and three handsome boys in Juneau, Alaska. She specializes in "on location" studio or open environment photography shoots. Kim Cartwright also loves to take pictures of nature scenes. Did I mention that she is my sister-in-law?

Ron & Sheila Cemer - Ron and I went to the same college. I believe he worked with all things audio/visual. He has a personal home page.

theScoop - Shane's Personal Blog - This one was like a brother. I've known him since I've had memories. By the time we were teenagers, he was off living in another area, but we still crossed paths occasionally. I've always been proud of him as he has gone on to do great things and raise a great family. His profession is, or was (?), with Macintosh computers, but he now appears to have an interest in great cars, venturing into an interesting niche business renting out luxury vehicles. So, if you are visiting the Denver area and you are looking for what I would call a high fashion car rental, you can check it out and even make a reservation at Altitude Dream Cars!!

Jay Frasier, MA - An Ambassador College alumnus, Jay apparantly pursued further education and is now a college instructor.

J.R. Hill Realty - I know this gentleman as "Richard", or, "Richie Rich". We were friends many years ago. I don't believe I have seen him in near to 15 years. I'm sure he will serve your real estate needs nicely. I especially enjoyed reading his "About J.R. & Team" link.

art by CRAIG IRVIN - This fellow has some great talents. From being an excellent singer, songwriter to that of a great artist. Hi, DAD! Check out his artwork and his lovely wife's, Ping's Fine Art.

Chan Lipscomb, Welcome To My Personal Pages! - An Ambassador College alumnus, Chan was a fantastic personality to be around. His homepage reflects that same vitality with editorial and lots of photos for family and friends to see. Cheers, Chan!!

What's Going On...? - Okay. So this guy and I were never close friends, but, all the way back in 1997, he sent me a set of MIDI files of our old church hymnals. If my website has ever done any good for anybody, it was to provide these files to folks for listening. So, here's a link in cyberspace for you, Dan!! Thanks.

The Greatest Expedition: In Search of Oneself, by Anthony Savoia - An Ambassador College alumnus, I knew Tony better than some. Apparently, he was taken away from us by the effects of cancer in 2006. He wrote a wonderful article and posted it to a blog, the link of which is provided. He will be missed. See you on the other side, Tony.

Hey, old friend. Were you expecting to find your website listed here? Drop me a link.

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